Sleeping Giant Brewing Co. Jeannine Ross-Armstrong Award

Through the Sleeping Giant Brewing Co. Jeannine Ross-Armstrong Award two awards of $1,250 annually shall be awarded to students enrolled full-time and entering their third year of study in any business program with a minimum academic standing of 70%. In recognition of gender diversity, two awards will be given each year to two students of differing genders. This means that in one year two awards will be given to a combination of male identified, female identified, two-spirited or non-gendered students. In honour of Jeannine Ross-Armstrong’s entrepreneurial drive and spirit candidates will be asked to provide a brief account (800 words maximum) outlining what entrepreneurship means to them and an overview of demonstrated involvement in entrepreneurial activities both on-campus and in the community (e.g. Enactus, PIE events, etc.). The successful candidate shall be selected at the discretion of the Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Brief Outline of Entrepreneurship and Demonstrated Involvement