Graduate Student Research Excellence (GSRE) Awards

The Graduate Students Research Excellence (GSRE) Awards are designed to promote graduate students’ peer-reviewed publications and peer-reviewed conference presentations. Three GSRE Awards will be given to eligible graduate (Masters and PhD) students every year, based on their best publication for the year, including peer-reviewed publications and adjudicated conference presentations. This GSRE award will foster and encourage high quality publications and presentations by the graduate students at Lakehead University.

Submission Requirements and Selection Criteria:

1. Deadline December 15, 2023.

2. Eligibility period is September 2022 to November 2023.

3. The Graduate Student must be the first author of the publication (if the student is the lead author but the students name does not appear first due to disciplinary conventions, please explain in your cover letter).

4. In the case of peer-reviewed conference presentations, applicants must submit the written version of the paper; the paper must be written in full sentences; point form or notes are not accepted. The paper must be between 3000 and 4000 words and include references.

5. All publications are eligible within one year of a student’s graduation from Lakehead University. In the case of a peer-reviewed conference paper, the submission would need to be adjudicated and considered ‘accepted’ while the applicant was still enrolled in a graduate program at Lakehead.

6. Submissions may be made by graduate students or their supervisors.

7. One submission per year will be allowed per student.

8. “In press” or “accepted” manuscripts will not be considered since these manuscripts can be considered in the following awarding period once they are officially published.

9. If an article is published initially online and then in hard copy, the graduate student has the choice to submit either the online publication to the current awarding period or the hard-copy publication to the following awarding period, but not both.

10. Each submission must include a cover letter explaining the importance and impact of the submitted publication. The letter should be co-signed by the graduate student and his/her supervisor.

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