Naysmith Scholar Award

Frame of Reference:
Graduating natural resources professionals look forward to exciting and eventful careers due in large part to society’s expectations that such men and women will practice stewardship and make decisions bearing in mind an increasingly important global dimension. This dimension is the relationship between the world’s human population and the earth’s life support systems of air, water, and land and in turn their connectedness with the globe’s forests. The collective value of the world’s forest land in terms of carbon storage, flood control, soil stability, clean aid and water has become, and ever will be, invaluable. Forest Science, including its interpretation and application, recognizes and takes into account a wide spectrum of economic, social, cultural and ecological values. It is essential to consider this wide array of inherent values from the perspective of the whole forest ecosystem and of maintaining the biological diversity of the entire forest community. Students today, who will become practicing natural resources management professionals, have the opportunity to cultivate a capacity for objective and informer dialogue. Such engagement will include a best practices approach to the management of forest ecosystems including urban forest and will be expected to provide officials, employers, clients and the public with expertise and learned judgment. In so doing they will be helping to lead the way to achieve a global balance between human needs and nature’s capacity to meet them.

i. Have completed 3rd year as either an HBScF or an HBEM student;
ii. Have natural resources related work experience;
iii. Have demonstrated interest in and aptitude for the values and principles underlying the Naysmith Scholar award as described in the Frame of Reference below, through class discussion, written work an/or field-school activities;
iv. Have demonstrated qualities of citizenship – for example, ability to engage people and to participate, to foster a sense of belonging and to demonstrate empathy;
v. Have demonstrated qualities of leadership – for example, willingness to listen, ability to motivate and inspire others, and provide guidance and install confidence while acknowledging the importance of humility;
vi. Have submitted a current resume and a brief account (800 words maximum) expanding upon some of his or her experiences before and/ or during the past three years that relate to the Naysmith Scholar Frame of Reference to the Student Awards and Finical Aid for consideration by the selection committee. Applicants may be asked to meet with the selection committee.

Natural Resources Management
Supplemental Questions
  1. Brief account (800 words maximum) expanding upon some of his or her experiences before and/ or during the past three years that relate to the Naysmith Scholar.
  2. Please upload a copy of your resume or Curriculum Vitae