Lakehead University Spring/Summer Part-time Student Bursary

Awarded on the basis of financial need to part-time undergraduate students in any year level or discipline. Students should update their Financial Need Application to reflect the spring/summer term while they are in classes.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please define your status
  2. Living arrangements
  3. Siblings/Children
    • Are any of your siblings or children in post-secondary education?
    • Do you have any siblings or children?
    • If you have siblings or children, how many do you have?
  4. Parental or Spousal Income
  5. School year income
    • Estimated net summer income
    • Estimated savings
    • Family contributions
    • OSAP/Other
    • Other Assets
    • Other income
  6. School Year Expenses
    Please provide the values of your expenses for your current academic year. Note an academic year is typically September - April.
    • Bank/Student Loan payments
    • Computer cost
    • Entertainment
    • Food
    • Local transportation
    • Other expenses
    • Personal care
    • Rent/Mortgage
    • Utilities
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