Graduate Student Professional Development Bursary - Spring Summer 2024

Awards for travel in connection with the pursuit of professional development through conference presentations and participation in other academic activities which enhance the reputation of graduate studies at Lakehead University. Applications are considered on the basis of merit, financial need, and the availability of funds.

Graduate Studies
Supplemental Questions
  1. What year and month did you start current graduate program?
  2. Are you a permanent resident of Ontario (lived in Ontario for at least 12 months)?
  3. Title of Conference or Description of Activity
  4. Type of Presentation
  5. If Type of Presentation is "Other", please describe:
  6. Outcome of Conference/Activity:
  7. If Outcome of Conference/Activity is "Other", please describe:
  8. Have you received Professional Development Funds during the past fiscal year?
  9. If yes, you were awarded Professional Development Funds what is the date awarded and the amount awarded?
  10. How will you travel to the Conference/Activity?
  11. If you chose "Other" for How will you travel to the Conference/Activity, please explain.
  12. Cost of Transportation
  13. Cost of Food and Accommodation (Per diem mean and accommodation expenses are limited to four days and will follow the Lakehead University Travel Expense Policy)
  14. Registration Fee
  15. Contribution from Supervisor
  16. Contribution from Other Sources
  17. Total Cost
  18. Total Contributions
  19. Total Requested (Maximum $500 per term)
  20. Please attach Confirmation of Conference Presentation
  21. Please attach Confirmation of Registration and/or Other Fees (travel, lodging, etc)
  22. Please attach Abstract of presentation and/or Outline of relevance of the activity to your graduate program or to Lakehead University.
  23. Confirmation by your Supervisor or Graduate Coordinator is required. Please upload an email from either person acknowledging your attendance and the dates of the conference.
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